Join The History Society of Zimbabwe


  1. The Society aims to unite all those who wish to foster a wider appreciation and knowledge of Zimbabwean history.
  2. Members of the Society are not, by any means, all historians. Among the members of the society are collectors of Africana, libraries and learned institutions wishing to acquire background knowledge of one of Africa's key areas, whilst the majority are ordinary Zimbabweans interested in the history of their own country.
  3. The Society holds talks and outings for its members in support of its objective of  nurturing the knowledge of historical  events and people  who shaped or influenced the course of history of Zimbabwe  and the central and southern African region. Occasionally the society will have presentations relating to historical events, or issues of wider scope, especially where they may have had an impact on the history of Zimbabwe.
  4. An annual luncheon or dinner, with a talk , organised by the National Executive Committee is one of the activities offered to members. The National Executive Committee and the Mashonaland Branch jointly hold Annual General Meetings at which committees are elected and a short talk or film presented.
  5. Membership is open to everyone. At present the society does not charge a joining fee or annual subscription but takes collections at its activities in support of running the society.
  6. The Society encourages historical study and research ; and endeavours to record in interesting form the story of Zimbabwe in the Society's Journal, Heritage of Zimbabwe , the only publication devoted exclusively to this purpose.
  7. Heritage of Zimbabwe is published once a year and copies of it may be purchased by members of the Society at Mashonaland Branch talks and by arrangement through the National Executive Treasurer ( ).
  8. The articles in the Society's Journal, Heritage of Zimbabwe, are designed to appeal to Zimbabweans as well as people beyond the borders of the country who seek to understand historical aspects of
  9. Each issue of Heritage of Zimbabwe contains a wide variety of articles on Zimbabwe's historic background; pioneering, military, transport, agricultural, mining, business, commerce, art, science, economics, finance, political, biographical, literary, cultural and so on.
  10. The Society endeavours to publish its Mashonaland Branch talks in Heritage of Zimbabwe.
  11. The Society encourages all readers of Heritage and their friends and colleagues to enrol as members.
  12. History creates a sense of common purpose that develops into a healthy national consciousness. An active historical society can thus exert a tremendous influence for the good of the country.


Your support would , therefore, be both welcome and worthwhile. Do join the Society now and you will receive regular notices by e-mail on activities of the Society as well as other history-related  topics.

If you are interested in being a member please supply your full name, and the name of a spouse or partner who may also be interested in being a member of the Society, accompanied by your preferred e-mail contact address.

For further information on activities and particulars of membership, contact The History Society of Zimbabwe, Mashonaland Branch, Membership and Communications member at: